3 Guidelines On What To Do When Facing Various Dental Emergencies

22 December 2022
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Teeth can develop sensitivity without notice. On other occasions, a severe impact may cause one to fall off. Note that most people panic when they experience such dental emergencies. However, knowing what to do in that stressful situation can help you save a tooth you would otherwise lose. Also, having the contacts of a reliable emergency dentist can help you get the help you need within the shortest time. Here are four situations that call for immediate care. Read More 

What Is Tooth Cupping And How Can You Fix It?

21 November 2022
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If you notice small indentations on the incisal edges of your front teeth or on the cusps of your posterior teeth, you may be experiencing tooth cupping. Tooth cupping is an earlier indicator of tooth erosion, or the breakdown of enamel. While early tooth cupping may just be an aesthetic concern, this issue should be addressed, as tooth cupping can expose the dentin, or underlying structure of the tooth, and can leave a person at risk for sensitivity, cavities, or discomfort. Read More 

Why Has Your Veneer-Covered Tooth Suddenly Become Sensitive?

18 October 2022
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Tooth veneers are an ingenious solution for a variety of dental problems. Maybe the tooth beneath was misshapen, severely chipped, or permanently discolored. Once the veneer itself (a tooth-shaped and colored porcelain shell) was bonded onto the tooth, it looked flawless, with its imperfection forever concealed. While the tooth continues to look great, it's starting to not feel so great. Why is your tooth starting to feel so sensitive? Into the Tooth's Nerve Read More 

How Does Conscious Sedation Work At The Dentist’s Office?

15 September 2022
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Sedation dentistry can be incredibly valuable for patients with anxiety, overly sensitive gag reflexes, and those that have difficulty controlling movements while in the chair. There are a wide variety of sedation methods that can be used, such as conscious sedation. Read on to learn more about this sedation method and what it entails.   How Does Conscious Sedation Differ from Other Methods? A minimal sedation method, like nitrous oxide (laughing gas), can be a good fit for many people since it provides pain relief and a decreased risk of complications. Read More 

4 Treatment Options For Full Mouth Reconstruction

9 August 2022
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Many dental treatments are preventative in nature. However, once the damage has been done to your natural teeth, restorative options can be considered to replace missing teeth and ensure optimal comfort, aesthetics, and health. People with severe tooth loss and decay may require extensive oral reconstructions. A prosthodontist can help you restore your entire mouth using a full mouth reconstruction. Here are some treatment options that are available to patients who choose this route: Read More