How Does Conscious Sedation Work At The Dentist’s Office?

15 September 2022
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Sedation dentistry can be incredibly valuable for patients with anxiety, overly sensitive gag reflexes, and those that have difficulty controlling movements while in the chair. There are a wide variety of sedation methods that can be used, such as conscious sedation. Read on to learn more about this sedation method and what it entails.   How Does Conscious Sedation Differ from Other Methods? A minimal sedation method, like nitrous oxide (laughing gas), can be a good fit for many people since it provides pain relief and a decreased risk of complications. Read More 

4 Treatment Options For Full Mouth Reconstruction

9 August 2022
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Many dental treatments are preventative in nature. However, once the damage has been done to your natural teeth, restorative options can be considered to replace missing teeth and ensure optimal comfort, aesthetics, and health. People with severe tooth loss and decay may require extensive oral reconstructions. A prosthodontist can help you restore your entire mouth using a full mouth reconstruction. Here are some treatment options that are available to patients who choose this route: Read More 

Debunking The Myths Concerning Tooth Extractions

1 July 2022
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One of the reasons people go to a dentist is for a tooth extraction. A tooth extraction paves the way for the healthy growth of new teeth. This procedure is sometimes done to prevent infection, pain, and discomfort. Here are some common myths about tooth extractions. Tooth Extraction Is for Wisdom Teeth Only One common myth about tooth extraction is that it is for those with wisdom teeth. However, a dentist will extract your tooth for several other reasons. Read More 

What Are The Advantages Of A Maryland Dental Bridge?

25 May 2022
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If you have decided to use a dental bridge to replace a missing tooth, then you might have some choice over the type of bridge you use. While many people use traditional bridges, some prefer to use Maryland models. What is a Maryland bridge? What are its benefits? What Are Maryland Bridges? Both traditional and Maryland bridges use the two teeth on either side of a gap to anchor a false tooth in the hole. Read More 

How To Have A Painless And Easy Recovery From Tooth Extraction

14 April 2022
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Having a tooth extracted is usually a last resort after a tooth has become too damaged or decayed to be preserved. If you're due to have one or more teeth extracted, you may be feeling nervous about the procedure and the aftermath. Rest assured that you'll be numbed very well during the extraction, ensuring that it's painless for you. However, how you act and the steps you take at home will ultimately determine whether you have an easy and painless recovery. Read More