Improve Your Smile Quickly With Same-Day Dental Crowns

10 March 2023
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If your smile is looking less than perfect, dental crowns may help you regain the smile that you perhaps believe was lost for good. Getting new dental crowns doesn't always have to involve a long process, and your dentist may have your crowns ready for you sooner than you think. Many dentists nowadays offer CEREC same-day dental crowns and other fast treatments that can hide certain tooth flaws and restore teeth to their beautiful, natural-looking shapes and colors.

The Purposes of Dental Crowns

Same-day crowns, like other dental crowns, are meant to restore teeth that have been damaged from decay, breakage, or excessive wear. If any of your teeth are misshapen or discolored, your dentist might recommend dental crowns to make your teeth more beautiful. Crowns are also needed to secure dental bridges in place and cover dental implants. Another purpose of dental crowns is to protect weak teeth from breakage. 

Fast Digital Impressions

In the past, dentists had to use different equipment pieces to take tooth impressions so that dental crowns could be made to fit each tooth correctly. These materials often had to be stuffed into patients' mouths, which required more time and caused patients greater discomfort. Nowadays, cameras or intraoral scanners are able to be used to take digital impressions of teeth quickly to save patients time and hassle.

Precise Color Matching

Same-day dental crowns can be made with more advanced color-matching methods to ensure that each crown blends in well with each tooth. This helps prevent mismatched colors that often make dental crowns look obvious and fake.

No Need for Temporary Crowns

With standard dental crowns, you often have to wear temporary crowns while you wait for your permanent crowns to be made. By getting same-day dental crowns, you can save yourself extra trips to the dentist's office and won't have to endure the process of getting the temporary crowns removed so that the permanent crowns can be affixed to the teeth.

Different Material Choices

Like with most other types of dental crowns, you can choose to have your same-day crowns made from different materials. Porcelain and ceramic are always among the top material choices, but your dentist may also give you the option of choosing crowns that are made from metal, resin, or a combination of materials.

You might think that same-day dental crowns are too good to be true, but advancements in dentistry have made this treatment option possible. Ask your dentist about same-day dental crowns to find out if this treatment is right for you.