Benefits Of Clear Aligners

21 October 2019
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Invisalign and other systems with clear aligning trays straighten the teeth using successive sets of aligners. The orthodontic patient wears each set of trays for a few weeks, allowing the set to apply enough consistent pressure to move the teeth into the configuration of the aligners. After the period of wear is over for a particular set of aligners, the patient moves on to the next set in the treatment plan. 

Aligning trays are often suitable for teens and adults who do not suffer from a severe misalignment. Still, candidates for the treatment must already have a fully grown palate.

Here are some of the benefits offered by orthodontic treatments with clear aligners:


Unlike metal braces, aligning trays have no archwires or sharp brackets to become snagged on the soft tissues of the mouth. As a result, the patient may not have to coat portions of the appliance with orthodontic wax or suffer sores or cuts on the gums and inner cheeks. 

The aligning trays are designed from an impression of the patient's mouth. Thus, the trays should fit the contours of the oral cavity precisely.

Fewer Visits to the Orthodontist

With braces, a patient must visit the orthodontist regularly for archwire adjustments. The tightening or adjusting of the archwire continues the pressure needed to reposition the teeth. However, with aligning trays, the alignment pressure is continued by the series of aligning trays. 

After the initial consultation required to assess the teeth and obtain a mold of the mouth, few visits to the orthodontist are needed during a treatment with aligners.

Less Embarrassment

The transparency of the aligning trays adds to the discretion of the application, helping patients feel more comfortable with their appearance throughout their course of treatment. In addition, the removability of the aligners helps minimize the likelihood of having particles of food displayed in the appliance.

With braces, there are wires and brackets that may retain food from meals and snacks. However, patients with aligning trays can simply remove their appliance before eating.

Healthier Teeth

Some orthodontic patients suffer decay during their treatment due to difficulties cleaning their teeth. It may be cumbersome to navigate floss and brushes around the wires of braces. 

Patients with aligners can remove their trays to clean the teeth, making it easier to maintain their oral hygiene and preserve the health of the teeth and gums. 

To learn more about clear aligners, schedule a consultation with a dentist in your local area.