3 Helpful Services Family Dentists Can Provide To Your Children

23 May 2018
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If you have children in your household, an important responsibility you have is making sure their teeth are healthy. This involves taking them in to see a family dentist, a professional who can provide these helpful services. 

1. Extractions

There will be times when your children's teeth need to come out because they may be damaged beyond the point of repair. Or, wisdom teeth may be coming in that are driving adjacent teeth out of the proper alignment. In these instances, a process known as extraction may be necessary. This is where the family dentist physically removes the tooth that needs to come out for proper oral health. 

X-rays are initially taken to decide which extraction is the best corrective action. This procedure can be simple or complex. With simple extractions, forceps are used to remove teeth. Complex extractions are a little different in that the tooth may need to be cut in half or the gums may need to be cut. 

2. Whitening

With all of the junk food and sugary sodas that your children go through, their teeth can start turning yellow. Fortunately, these yellowing effects will not last forever when you take them to see a family dentist who offers whitening services.

What this involves is the application of peroxide solution, which acts as a whitening agent when UV light or a laser is applied to it. Within your children's first whitening treatment, they'll have whiter teeth. Best of all, these whitening treatments are much safer than at-home kits. 

3. Dental Implants 

If your children have missing teeth, smiling in public can take a huge toll on their confidence. This doesn't have to remain so when you take them to a family dentist to have implants put in. These prosthetic teeth have revolutionized the dental industry because of their authentic design. 

In addition to looking and feeling like real teeth, dental implants are secured into the gums. They, therefore, won't easily fall out when your children eat, talk, and perform other daily activities. For dental implants to work out long-term, however, your children need to take good care of them. This involves regular brushing, flossing, and checkups with their dentist. 

There are so many dental problems that can negatively affect the lives of your children. However, you'll have an answer for all of them when you seek treatment from a family dentist. They offer a range of helpful services that will keep your children's teeth and gums healthy for a long time.