Combating Bad Breath: Learn How To Get Fresh Breath In No Time

19 August 2017
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


Have you noticed that your breath does not smell good? If you brush regularly and are still experiencing a bad odor coming from your mouth, you may be alarmed and even a bit embarrassed. If you are tired of chewing gum and sucking on mints all day long to mask the smell, you have to take action. It is important to find out what is causing your bad breath to occur so you can focus on treating the problem right away.

Start Flossing More Often

You may brush regularly, but do you remember to floss? Although it might not seem like a huge deal, flossing is important because it helps to remove those pieces of food that tend to get stuck between the teeth at random. If you are not flossing often enough, those bits and pieces will get stuck, and you will eventually have to deal with both plaque and tartar. Consider flossing after each meal as a preventative measure. Your breath may soon start to smell a bit better.

Talk to the Dentist

If your breath is still not very fresh after flossing regularly for a week straight, it is time to talk to the dentist. You could have an issue that is causing your breath to smell foul. For example, it is possible that you have tartar between the teeth. Tartar is a plaque that has hardened. It would need to be removed by a dentist in the dental office. A tartar buildup could be the main reason your breath does not smell fresh. The dentist would need to use a scaling tool and other sterile dental equipment to carefully scrape away at it for you. Even after the tartar is removed, you should keep up with a good flossing routine to avoid dealing with that kind of issue again.

If tartar is not the problem, you could be dealing with some other dental issue, such as gum disease. Some gum disease cases are slightly worse than others. If your situation is not as severe, the dentist may simply perform a thorough cleaning while providing a few helpful suggestions on how to keep your teeth and gums clean between your routine visits.

You may have recently noticed that your breath does not smell too good. Although you are probably feeling a bit embarrassed about this situation, it is more common than you think. Make sure you use floss regularly. Flossing could help to remove the unwanted gunk between to your teeth so that there is no odor. If you continue to struggle with bad breath, seeing a dentist is the best thing to do. You could have an underlying dental condition that causes the odor, but the dentist would be able to address your concerns and help you out.