Clearing The Dirty Myths About Professional Dental Whitening Procedures With Real Facts

5 January 2017
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There are a lot of people who are unhappy with the shade of white their smile is when they open their mouth, and many  of these people will talk to their dentist about having their smile professionally whitened. However, there are some who will never bring up this idea with their dentist simply because they have fallen victim to some pretty common myths about teeth whitening. Before you make the decision as to whether dental whitening treatments with a cosmetic dentist will be right for you, make sure you know the facts. Check out these commonly circulated myths about teeth whitening and the real truths you should know.

Myth: Professional whitening treatments are hard on your teeth. 

Fact: The processes used for whitening teeth under the supervision of a cosmetic dentist are not considered to be hard on your teeth or dangerous to your smile. In some situations, teeth whitening is not a good idea, however. For example, if you have tooth decay or damage or gum sensitivity, professional whitening or even at-home whitening would be risky. Before the dentist performs a whitening procedure, they will evaluate your mouth, teeth, and gums to ensure you are a good candidate and no damage will be caused. If there are any risks involved with a whitening procedure, yoru dentist will go over these risks before administering treatment. 

Myth: Every dental whitening treatment at the dentist office is pretty much the same. 

Fact: The truth is, there are a myriad of choices when it comes to teeth whitening even when you visit a cosmetic dentist for treatment. For example, some cosmetic dentists will perform procedures that involve bleaching gel and others may use UV light. When you have your initial consultation, the dentist will assess your needs and make recommendations about the best of teeth whitening treatment for you and your individual circumstances. 

Myth: Dental whitening procedures are incredibly expensive. 

Fact: Most patients find teeth whitening procedures to be fairly affordable. Treatments can range in cost according to what you have done to whiten your teeth. In general, in-office teeth bleaching with bleaching gels will cost you about $650. If the dentist gives you take home trays and a whitening solution, you should expect to pay a bit less at $400. Even though insurance usually does not cover professional whitening procedures, some cosmetic dentists do provide payment plans to help you cover the costs of having your teeth whitened. 

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