Dental Implants And Whitening: Get Answers To The Questions You May Have

9 December 2016
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There are many things that can stain your teeth and any dental implants you may have in your mouth. Some of the items that can stain both include coffee, tea, soda, and tobacco products. If you notice your teeth and/or dental implants are stained, you may have questions about whitening them. Here are a few frequently asked questions you may have about dental implants and tooth whitening.

Can You Use Home Whitening Methods If You Have a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is typically made from either porcelain, ceramic resin, or a mixture of both. Tooth whitening products, such as toothpastes, strips, gels, trays, or home remedies such as baking soda or lemon, will not remove stains or whiten these materials. As such, you cannot whiten your dental implant at home using whitening methods.

If you notice the teeth around your dental implant are becoming stained, you may be wondering if you can use home whitening methods or if they can harm your dental implant. You can use home whitening methods and products to lift stains from your teeth. As mentioned above, these products will not whiten the implant, but they will not hurt the implant either. As such, you can brush your teeth and implant using a whitening toothpaste or place whitening strips over your teeth without fear of causing damage to the implant.

However, it is important to note that when you attempt to whiten your teeth on your own, you can cause your teeth to look different from the implant. Dental implants are colored to match the existing color of your teeth. This allows it to look natural. It would look fake if it was shades whiter or darker than your real teeth. When you whiten your teeth, your dental implant is not whitened. As such, you can cause it to stick out if you alter the color of your existing teeth too much. If you are worried about this, a cosmetic dentist can white your teeth so they are the same shade as the implant.

How Can You Whiten a Dental Implant If It Is Stained?

If your dental implant has become stained, it will need to be polished by a dentist or cosmetic dentist to remove the stain. When an implant is polished, essentially the outer layer of the implant is polished away, removing stains. An implant can only be polished so many times before it begins to weaken the tooth. As such, this technique should only be done when absolutely needed. Try to avoid staining to minimize the frequency with which you will need your dental implant to be polished.

If you have one or more dental implants in your mouth, you may find yourself wondering if you can whiten the implant or the teeth that surround it. Getting answers to your questions will help you determine how to go about whitening your teeth and implant when they are stained or yellowing. For more information, contact a professional in your area or visit a website like