Loose Baby Teeth: What New Parents Need To Know

1 August 2016
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One of the biggest events in a child's life is the moment they lose their very first tooth. It's something they look forward to, especially once all their friends at school start to lose theirs. As soon as your child experiences a loose tooth, he or she may want you to pull it. If you're a new parent, though, you may be worried about whether or not you should pull a loose tooth. What if it isn't ready to come out? Will it cause any future development problems? Read on to learn more about loose baby teeth and what you need to know about them.

When Should Children Lose Their Baby Teeth?

As a general rule, children will begin to lose their baby teeth around five to seven years old. Some children may lose teeth early, while others will take a little longer. If your child appears to have a loose tooth and they are under the average age, you should speak to your dentist just to make sure your child's gums and teeth are in good shape and healthy, as early loose teeth could be a sign of a problem.

Is It Safe to Pull Your Child's Tooth?

When your child gets that loose tooth for the first time, he or she may begin to hound you like crazy to pull it. You should not do this. By pulling a tooth too soon before the tooth's root can dissolve completely, you are increasing the chance of an infection occurring in the gums. Ultimately, you should simply allow nature to take its normal course. In many cases, if your child continues with regular brushing, this will help to facilitate the tooth becoming looser and eventually the tooth will possibly fall out during this time. Plus, by avoiding pulling it out too early, you can reduce the pain that your child endures and limit the amount of blood that accompanies the tooth removal. If there is a significant amount of blood, simply have your child rinse his or her mouth out with water and bite down on a piece of gauze or even a towel.

If your child is experiencing a loose tooth due to a fall or other type of injury, it is important to contact a dentist immediately for a check-up. You want to make sure that nothing was damaged during the incident and ensure that there are no serious complications. If at any time you have questions about your child's loose teeth, don't hesitate to contact his or her dentist for answers.

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