Rooting Out The Problem: Cosmetic Dentistry That Addresses Unerupted Teeth And Buried Roots

20 November 2015
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There are so many things that can go wrong with teeth and some of them are just downright bizarre. Some people experience unerupted teeth, while others have trauma to their teeth that breaks the crowns off and leaves the roots in the gum tissue. Unless these problems are addressed right away, they can become an oral nightmare for both you and your dentist. Not only will they cause more oral problems and infections, but also an unaesthetic appearance. A cosmetic dentist is the right choice for someone to see about these problems, because he or she will perform oral surgeries to correct the issues. Here is how that works.

Cosmetic Dentistry, Broken Teeth and Buried Roots

When some of your teeth either A) do not develop crowns because of malformations, or B) an accident has broken the crowns off your teeth leaving behind just the roots, you need a cosmetic dentist to remove these roots. Many general dentists do not perform oral surgery, but a cosmetic dentist can and will. Additionally, while the cosmetic dentist is busy fishing the roots out of your gums, he or she can put dental implants in place of the roots. That way, you have working teeth that can keep your other, natural teeth in alignment and keep your smile looking its best.

Cosmetic Dentistry and Unerupted Teeth

Many unerupted teeth are impacted teeth, meaning that they are trapped by one or more crowns of the surrounding teeth that have erupted. To correct this problem, your cosmetic dentist will cut open the gum tissue, gently try to push aside the erupted teeth that are blocking the unerupted/impacted teeth from coming through, and then either remove the impacted/unerupted teeth, or use orthodontia to keep the erupted teeth out of the way of the impacted teeth to give them time to grow up out of the gumline. If the impacted teeth are removed, you may have the option of getting dental implants, a bridge or a partial to replace the teeth that were removed.

If there was more than enough room for the teeth to erupt and nothing was blocking their way and they still did not break through the gums, it is unlikely that these teeth ever will come through. In that case, the dentist will remove them and replace them with some type of false teeth, if needed. Regardless of which of these situations applies to you, a cosmetic dentist is the right one to see to fix these problems.

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