Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed? Preparation And Recovery Tips

11 September 2015
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It's normal to be anxious amount having wisdom teeth removal surgery. It is an invasive surgery that will require a few days to recover from. In order to ensure that your recovery process goes smoothly, you should follow these tips for different things you'll need to do.

A Week Before Your Surgery

You will need to arrange a ride to and from the doctor's office so that you can get back home. You will be very groggy afterwards due to the anesthesia, and will be in no condition to drive a car. Chances are you will not even remember how you got home or remember very little about it. Make sure that your friend can stay with you until the anesthesia has completely worked its way out of your system.

Head to the grocery store to buy some foods that you will be able to eat during the first few days following the surgery. You should be buying soft foods, soups, gelatin, and canned fruits. You will not be able to eat anything that is chewy during your recovery period, and you will not be allowed to drink from a straw due to the pressure suction can put on the gums while they are healing.

A Day Before Your Surgery

You should also start planning things for the recovery process while you are still able to. This includes getting some books to read, movies to watch, or video games to play. You will be spending a lot of your time resting down in your bed, so make sure the area is comfortable. Place all the things you want within arm's reach.

After Your Surgery

You will be helped to the waiting area while you are coming down from the anesthesia. Ideally, you want to be able to walk out of the office with the help of your friend. It is normal to feel lightheaded at this time.

There will be gauze placed inside your mouth, and your doctor will give you directions about how long they should be left in. Make sure your friend is aware of that so he can get those directions for you. This gauze needs to be replaced regularly until the surgical site stops bleeding.

Use ice packs on your jaw the first couple days following the surgery, and then a heated pad if swelling and pains continue. Have your friend help fill any pain medications that you need, and remind you to take them. If you wait too long to take your pain medications, the pain may become unbearable.

Follow these tips and you'll be doing everything you can to ensure a smooth recovery. For more information, visit a dental website like