Answering Two Common Questions about Cosmetic Dental Procedures

8 June 2015
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Dental issues can cause a host of embarrassing problems for patients, and whether you engage in public speaking or just want a beautiful smile, correcting cosmetic problems can be a major priority. While cosmetic dentistry is capable of correcting many forms of tooth damage, some patients are not well informed about these procedures. Fortunately, understanding the answers to the following two questions should help you to be a more informed patient when it comes time to make decisions regarding your smile. 

What Can Be Done for a Misshapen Tooth?

It is fairly common for patients to suffer from misshapen teeth. Whether your misshapen teeth have developed from an injury or developmental problem, it can pose numerous unique challenges. In addition to the cosmetic effects, it is possible for this problem to severely impact your ability to speak normally. There are treatments available for patients that are suffering from this type of cosmetic dental problem.

Tooth shaping is a process that uses porcelain to reconstruct the shape of damaged teeth. Your dentist will gently file away some of the existing tooth to make it easier for the porcelain to bond to it. Once this is complete, thin layers of a porcelain paste are added and rapidly dried with a special tool until the tooth's natural shape has been restored. While this process can take several hours to complete, it may be the most effective option for correcting your problem. 

Are There Benefits to Professional Whitening?

Another common complaint from dental patients stems from discoloration of their teeth. Stains can form from a variety of foods and habits, but it is important for patients to understand that not all whitening treatments are equal. In particular, a professional whitening session can provide you with a couple of important benefits that home-based systems cannot. 

Home based systems are notorious for accidentally allowing the bleaching agent to come into contact with the gums. They can lead to irritation, swelling and sensitivity. Also, if these chemicals are not evenly applied to the teeth, they can leave white spots that may be highly noticeable. Luckily, these issues are avoided with professional whitenings because a trained professional will administer the bleaching agent, and they will ensure that it only comes into contact with the teeth and it is removed after the right amount of time has passed. 

Cosmetic dentistry procedures have the power to completely remake your smile for the better, but it is important for patients to understand the basics of a couple of routine treatments. By knowing what is done for misshapen teeth and the benefits of a professional whitening, you will be better able to ensure that your smile looks the best it possibly can. Talk to a professional like Trussville Dentistry for more information.