Reclaiming Your Bite After Dental Wear And Tear

30 November 2020
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When your dental enamel has worn away, the biting surface of your teeth is now the underlying dentin, and this can create discomfort when you chew. When this dentin has worn away, the biting surface of your teeth could actually include exposed dental pulp, which is the nerve inside your tooth, and this can be painful. Wear and tear can be so extreme that your upper and lower teeth no longer connect, meaning that you have literally lost the ability to bite properly. Read More 

Tips for College Students Using Invisalign

19 October 2020
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Invisalign is a great choice for college students. You don't have to deal with the appearance of braces on your teeth, and you don't have to forego your favorite foods since you take the aligners out to eat. However, since college is a busy time, there are a few tips you may want to follow to ensure you use Invisalign most effectively. 1. Ask your dentist to send you home with more aligners at once. Read More