Reasons For Getting Dental Implants You May Not Have Thought Of

27 February 2019
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


Are you missing teeth and looking to have the problem fixed? If so, dental implants may be on your radar as a way to fix those missing teeth. While it is a more invasive procedure than getting a dental bridge or partial dentures, it can provide several benefits you may not have thought of. Here are three reasons to get dental implants.

Implants Don't Move Around

When a dental implant is installed in your mouth, it becomes a permanent fixture that is not going to move around. This provides a huge advantage over a partial dentures, which can shift around when you are wearing the dental device. Implants will stay in place at all times, even when chewing tough foods. It will replicate what it is like to have a real tooth in that spot once again, which makes the implant something that you do not think about once it is installed.

Implants Require Normal Care

Another advantage of having a dental implant replace a missing tooth is that it won't require any special care after it is installed. The dental crown placed on the titanium post may be made of artificial material, but all you need to do is stick to flossing and brushing twice a day. Your goal will be to prevent issues with gum disease from happening to you, which can compromise the dental implants overall stability. However, you don't have to remove the implant or do a special procedure to clean it. This makes it something that is easy to do rather than put off until a different day, which may happen with dentures.

Implants Don't Damage The Surrounding Teeth

Wile a dental bridge is a great solution to replace a missing tooth, be aware that the procedure does damage the surrounding teeth. That is because a crown needs to be placed on those teeth to suspend the dental bridge across the gap, which holds the fake tooth in place. Even though the teeth are healthy, it requires shaving them down slightly for the crown to fit. With a dental implant, it is contained to the spot in your mouth where the implant is installed. There is no disruption to any of the surrounding teeth, and they'll be left alone. Your implant also will not depend on those surrounding teeth, so if you have a dental issue with one of them, the implant won't be affected.

Speak to your dentist for more information on getting a dental implant.