Reasons You May Need A Tooth Extraction

3 October 2018
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Hearing you need to have a tooth pulled is never an ideal situation. A dentist will attempt to exhaust every option possible to save a tooth, such as root canals and crowns. Dentists may also have to remove one or more teeth to help with cosmetic or bite issues. The following are some instances in which a dentist may need to pull a tooth:

Significant Tooth Decay

A dentist will make every effort to repair a tooth with decay with a filling or root canal and crown. However, when there is significant tooth decay, the best option is to extract it. While a tooth may look normal on the outside, the interior of the tooth, or the dentin, can have so much decay that the structural integrity of the tooth is not sound. The entire tooth will eventually break off, making a repair an even more difficult option. When the tooth is severely decayed, it is often best to take it out.

Damage to the Tooth

When a tooth is broken or damaged in an accident or for other reasons, you may have to face an extraction. Although a dentist or orthodontist can repair teeth, in some instances there is simply no other alternative than to pull the tooth. When the roots of the tooth suffer too much damage, the tooth will eventually die and begin to decay. Fortunately, there are a variety of tooth replacement options you can consider so you do not have a gap in your teeth.

There is Significant Teeth Crowding

Sometimes, the teeth can take up too much room in the mouth. This is normal for those with a smaller sized mouth. Crowding teeth will cause them to affect your bite and can shift the teeth to the point of crookedness. There are only so many options to fix crowding. As a last resort, some of the teeth may need to be extracted to help fix the issues you have.  

Periodontal Disease

Those who suffer with periodontal disease often need tooth extractions. Periodontal disease, or diseased gums, can result in the loosening of the teeth. Over time, the teeth can become loose and will eventually fall out. Rather than attempt to save them or deal with teeth that are not structurally sound, the dentist will remove them and help you decide on a tooth replacement option, such as dentures.

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