3 Benefits Of Sedation Dentistry

19 April 2018
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Whether you need to undergo a root canal, cavity filling, or extraction, sedation may be an option to consider. Not only is sedation offered through an oral medication and "laughing gas" that is breathed in through the mouth and nose, but intravenous sedation is also available to some patients. Unfortunately, most people are not truly familiar with sedation and its benefits. Here are a few benefits you should know if you are considering sedation for your next dental procedure.

Reduced Anxiety

While it may be shocking to learn, an estimated 9 to 15 percent of Americans have anxiety about or a phobia of the dentist, dental tools, or dental procedures. This anxiety and fear can be so severe that patients are willing to give up routine dental care, which can negatively affect their oral health.

If you have anxiety or a fear of the dentist, sedation is a great option to ease your fears. You will be able to relax while undergoing simple exams and procedures that will benefit the look and underlying health of your smile.

Improved Efficiency

Many people struggle through the time it takes to complete a dental procedure. This struggle may be due to their stress and anxiety of discomfort and impatience. No matter what the reason, the constant moving and fidgeting can affect your dentist's ability to perform the exam, cleaning, or treatment.

Sedation allows you to remain calm and still, which will reduce the time it takes to get the task accomplished. This improved efficiency benefits both you and your dentist.

Decreased Gag Reflex

Your gag reflex is the throat's natural response if it feels it needs to expel a foreign object. Unfortunately, your gag reflex may naturally kick in when your dentist is working on your teeth and gums. This response can make exams and treatments more challenging, leading to stress while increasing the time it takes to complete your exams, cleanings, and procedures.

If you have a high gag reflex or if your gag reflex always leads to vomiting, it may be smart to consider sedation dentistry for your next appointment.

Once you are at ease or asleep (depending on the type of sedation chosen), your dentist will not need to worry about you gagging during the exam. This improves the efficiency and effectiveness of your dental exam and treatment.

Proper brushing and flossing are important steps for your oral health. However, regular dental visits are also necessary if you want a healthy and appealing smile. This guide will help you decide if sedation dentistry is the right option for you and your oral health. For more information, contact a local clinic or visit sites like http://www.vanyodentistry.com