No Insurance Coverage? 3 Steps to Take When You Need Dental Care but You're Uninsured

4 October 2017
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If you don't have dental insurance, you're probably avoiding the dentist. Unfortunately, that's not going to do your teeth any good. In fact, once you do get to the dentist, you may find that you're facing significant dental problems, increased cost for dental work, and a lot of pain. You don't need to go through that. If you don't have insurance, there are still ways for you to obtain the dental care you need. Don't let your teeth, and your health, suffer. If you need dental work, but you don't have the insurance to cover it, here are three steps you can take to get the care you need.

Talk to Your Dentist About Payment Options

Whether you've recently lost your dental coverage, or you've never had it, the first thing you need to do is contact your dentist. This is particularly important if you're experiencing a dental emergency. Most dental offices have treatment coordinators that can help you arrange for your dental care.

Your dentist may have payment options that will allow you to continue receiving dental care. They may also have insurance coverage, or discount plans, that you can purchase for your dental treatment. Instead of enduring the pain, contact services like Smiles for Life Family Dentistry for help with your treatment.

Locate a Dental School Near You

You might not realize this, but most dental schools will provide free, or low-cost, dental care for their patients. That's because dental students need patients to practice one while they're going to school. These dental students have licensed, practicing dentists working right beside them, so you're going to get the quality dental care you need. In most cases, they'll take care of any dental problems you may have, including gum disease, and tooth decay. Contact a dental school near you, and ask about the services they have available for patients without dental insurance.

Contact the Social Services Department in Your Area

If you don't have dental insurance, and you can't locate a dental school nearby, you should contact the social services department in your area. There are services available that can help you get the dental care you need. Most communities have charitable organizations that will provide community health fairs for things like basic dental needs.

Not only that, but most communities also have health departments that provide medical and dental care for people without insurance coverage. If you're eligible for low-cost, or free, healthcare coverage, your local social services department can help you get the coverage you need.