FAQ About Temporary Anchorage Devices

13 April 2016
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You've been struck by two dental dilemmas at the same time: a lost tooth and the need for braces. Your dentist has suggested a few different solutions, including the installation of temporary anchorage devices or TADs. What are these devices and how can they benefit you? And are they a permanent solution?

What Are TADS?

Temporary anchorage devices are devices that are temporarily installed in your mouth to take the place of a missing tooth and to help stabilize braces. They are about the size of a small screw and are inserted directly into the soft tissue of your gums. Once in place, they will help keep your gums in place and can be used to manipulate teeth that must be straightened

TADS are designed to be easy to install and remove, which makes them easy to take care of via traditional teeth care methods, such as brushing. Insertion requires numbing the gums and can be done in less than a minute. Removal is also quick, but required only when maintenance (such as adjustment of position) needs to be done by the dentist.

Who Benefits From TADS?

There are a multitude of benefits of using TADs. These include the ease of installation, simple maintenance techniques (brushing regularly), their stability, and the ways they can be adjusted as straightening problems occur during your treatment procedure.

As a result, a variety of people benefit from TADs, chief among them teens who may be impatient for their teeth to get straightened. And they are also useful for teens that don't want to perform a variety of difficult maintenance techniques, as they only require brushing and occasional check ups.

Can I Keep TADS Forever?

While TADs are a useful tool for treating your dental problem, they simply can't take the permanent place of a missing tooth. The word "temporary" is built right into their name and they will be removed after your treatment is over. However, you'll still have an empty spot in your gums where your tooth once sat. That's when you need to get a dental implant.

Dental implants are artificial teeth installed directly into your jaw. They help not only to create a better smile, but also to preserve your jaw shape and keep your teeth straight. They are perfect for people who still have strong dental health and who only need to replace one or two teeth.

Talk to your dentist about TADs and dental implants before attempting any teeth-straightening procedure. They can help you find a dental health solution that works for your needs.

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