Two Totally Creative Cosmetic Dental Procedures Of Today

20 August 2015
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When it comes to expressing your sense of style or personality, you may consider getting new clothing, a new hairstyle, or perhaps even a new tattoo. However, self-expression of the modern age takes the idea of being a little different to an entirely new level--all the way to your teeth. There are several cosmetic modifications that can be made to the teeth that many new patients are asking for when they hit the dentist's chair. Here are a few of the most creative dental procedures of today that you may want to know about if you want to make a personalized statement with your smile. 

Cosmetic Dental Tattoo Implants

You may already have a little ink on your skin, but you likely do not know that you can actually get a tattoo on one of your teeth of you choose. Dental tattoos are images and designs inked onto crowns and dental implants that are placed in the mouth, either over an existing tooth or in place of a missing one. These dental tattoos are showing up on everyone from celebrities to the average civilian as simple symbols, letters, or even favorite characters. These are permanent and may not be for everyone, but the idea is getting fairly popular in a lot of places--especially among the younger population. 

Dental Piercings or Gemstone Dental Implants

If you want a piercing that is only visible when you smile, a dental piercing, sometimes referred to as a gemstone dental implant, could be the cosmetic dental modification you need. Small gemstones are being placed inside of tiny holes in teeth to create the appearance of a piercing appearance directly on the tooth itself. Even though this is not usually recommended for a healthy tooth, some patients are choosing this alternative to cover an existing cavity or weakened spot, which some dentists claim is perfectly okay because it still seals the area from further decay. Besides, this is often a less-invasive way to add bling to the mouth than some of the more commonly known modifications of the past, such as gold, silver or diamond inlays or crowns. 

If you are looking for a new way to show off your own sense of individuality, there may be something new that you can do with your smile. Talk to a cosmetic dentist about modern modifications that could help you to create a smile that is totally your own. 

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