Dental Trends of the Future: Leaving the Past Behind

How Cavities Form In Teeth

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Most people are aware that brushing and flossing reduces the chances of getting cavities in the teeth. There are however, a few extra steps you can take in helping to keep these craters from overtaking your cosmetic smile. Here is a summary of what happens when a cavity forms, some of the ways you can help keep cavities from occurring, and the best way to treat them. How Do Cavities Form? Cavities are small holes showing where there are decayed areas of the teeth. They occur when acids or sugars break down the elements that make up the...

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How High-Tech Dentistry Can Improve Your Dental Experience

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Are you sick of spending a lot of time at the dentist?  Are you wary of local anesthetic?  If you haven’t been to the dentist in awhile, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn of some new technological advances that will make dental procedures faster, more enjoyable, and less painful.   Bye Bye Drill The next time you need a minor cavity filled, you may be able to skip the drill.  Researchers are working on a procedure that utilizes low frequency electrical currents to remineralize teeth with modest tooth decay....

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Periodontitis Isn’t Just A Dental Problem: 3 Shocking Complications

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Periodontitis is an infection of the gums in the mouth, leading to inflammation, loosened teeth and bad breath. While it’s tempting to consider periodontal disease as a dental condition and nothing else, periodontitis is actually a very serious condition that can contribute to several systemic illnesses and other health problems. To avoid these four potential health complications, attack periodontitis early and often with great oral hygiene and aggressive treatments like Perio Protect. Heart Disease Scientists aren’t 100 percent...

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Potential Dental Solutions For A Child With Axenfeld-Rieger Syndrome

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Axenfield-Rieger Syndrome is a rare genetic condition that primarily affects the eyes. But dental symptoms can also arise including oligodontia (developing fewer teeth than normal) and microdontia (development of smaller than normal teeth). If your child has Axenfeld-Rieger, there are a few dental treatment options to make chewing more comfortable and improve the appearance. Oligodontia: Bridges, Dental Implants Two of the most common ways to replace missing teeth are bridges and dental implants. Bridges involve an artificial tooth suspended...

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4 Reasons Why Porcelain Veneers Are The Way To Go

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Porcelain veneers have a transforming effect on your smile. They can repair many different defects that take away from the attractiveness of your smile and elevate it to a gorgeous brightness that you can be proud to show everyone you know. Your dentist is extremely helpful in helping you determine the best cosmetic dental treatment for you. If you want to change your smile, make sure that you partner with your dentist to ensure that you make the healthiest decision possible. Here are four reasons why porcelain veneers are the way to go....

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2 Healthy Tips For Preventing Gum Infection And Disease

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If your gums get sore and infected often, you probably just need to make a couple of changes to your dental hygiene cleaning routine. Here are 2 healthy tips that will help you to keep your gums in great shape. Apple Cider Vinegar  First, one of your best weapons you can use against oral germs is apple cider vinegar. This will help your mouth, and vinegar actually helps to clean out your intestines.  To use apple cider vinegar as a gum treatment, you can do one of three things. First, you can brush your gums with the vinegar after...

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How To Cope With Tooth Sensitivity

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Tooth sensitivity is no laughing matter. It involves excruciating pain that is often brought on when you eat or drink something especially hot or cold. Most people have sensitive teeth because the protective layers on their teeth have been worn away. When this occurs, it leaves your teeth exposed and vulnerable. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce the sufferings of tooth sensitivity. Use the Right Toothbrush Use a soft-bristled toothbrush when brushing your teeth, because a hard-bristled toothbrush may damage the tooth enamel....

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Try A Dental-Friendly Strawberry-Topped Chocolate Birthday Cake

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What is a birthday without a cake? You may think that you must give up cake to protect your teeth. But you can stop worrying about that because the following birthday cake happens to be very tooth-friendly.  Secrets Behind The Birthday Cake The first two ingredients that deserve attention are in the topping. Both strawberries and honey happen to be very tooth-friendly. Strawberries contain an enzyme called malic acid. This enzyme will help dissolve the bio-film created by cavity-causing pathogens that stick to your teeth, tongue and...

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5 Signs That You Need To See A Dentist ASAP

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You probably already know that severe, unexplained tooth pain means that you need to visit a dentist ASAP, but there are other reasons why immediate dental care may be in order that aren’t so obvious. Following are five signs that you should make an appointment to see your dentist as soon as possible. Swollen Gums Inflamed gums signify the onset of a condition known as gingivitis. Gingivitis is caused by bacteria that is present in plaque. Besides painful, swollen gums, another sign of gingivitis is bleeding from the gums during...

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The Many Benefits Of Laser Dentistry

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Laser dentistry technology provides exciting new options for dental patients, including less pain, faster healing for certain procedures and decreased anxiety for patients that are bothered by the standard drill. While laser dentistry does not work for all dental procedures, for certain tasks it is a significant improvement over the old way of doing things. Some of the benefits of laser dentistry include: Increased accuracy Lasers give dentists increased control over the removal of decay and soft tissue. This means that less material needs to...

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